Preparing for the New Year

It’s hard to believe that this year is already coming to an end. As we look ahead to 2015, here’s a simple list to help you prepare for the New Year:

  • As many benefit plans change at the beginning of the year, we recommend that you confirm a patient’s benefits at their first visit of the new year. To check benefits, login to > Patients > Search Patients, or contact the Provider Service Center at 800.926.2273.
  • A completed Coordination of Benefits form will be requested from all Cigna customers on their first claim of the year. While the customer is responsible for advising of secondary coverage, if they are unresponsive this may delay claim processing.
    If you have the signed form, you can submit it to Cigna to potentially speed claim processing. The Coordination of Benefits form may be found in Appendix B of the Medical Management Program.
  • Please ensure we have your current mailing address on file. Cigna will use this address for your 1099 form, and to notify you of contract changes, re-credentialing, network and business updates.

You may update your information online or by fax. To update online, login to > Working with Cigna > Update Provider Information form. If you are not a registered user for our website, please visit > Register now.

You may fax your update to 860.687.7257. If you have a change to your Tax Identification Number or payment address, please submit a copy of your W-9 form to this fax number.

Medical Management Program

Medical Management Program

Find the most relevant, up-to-date information on working together. This document is part of your contract.

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Demographic / Geographic Updates

Demographic / Geographic Updates

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Other Resources

Other Resources

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