Specialty Programs Support Collaboration, Improved Patient Care

Each day, behavioral health care professionals strive to help patients overcome challenges and lead healthier, productive lives. One way Cigna is working to help our customers improve their health is through Specialty Care Management/Coaching Programs.

What are Specialty Care Management Programs?

Specialty Care Management Programs help Cigna customers take the first steps to initiate and engage in behavioral health treatment. Our programs offer:

  • Specially trained case managers to coach individuals with mental health and chemical dependency disorders. As added support, case managers have access to the full suite of Cigna services to help identify and service an individual’s needs.
  • A motivational interviewing approach, which focuses on decreasing internal and external barriers that may be preventing an individual from initiating and/or engaging in treatment.

Program highlights

Customer participation in specialty programs generally involves an initial assessment evaluation followed by one to four coaching calls. Follow-ups are scheduled as necessary. During coaching calls, the case manager:

  • Assists the customer in goal setting around treatment and medication compliance
  • Provides educational materials (e.g., web pages, fliers, booklets, educational series, 411)
  • Completes assessments (e.g., PHQ-2, PHQ-9, Audit C, Functional Assessment)
  • Assesses and coordinates referrals to other applicable Cigna programs
  • Assists individuals in developing a comprehensive support network, including community resources
  • Provides coordination with Cigna-contracted behavioral health care professionals (HCPs)
  • Consults with a medical director about complex issues

How can we work together?

While there are several coaching programs* available, the Substance Abuse Specialty Care Management Program provides a unique opportunity for Cigna to collaborate with behavioral HCPs in treatment planning.

Engaging young adults (ages 18-25) with substance abuse disorders in treatment can prove challenging. Through a collaborative effort, however, Cigna can help facilities and HCPs by further encouraging customers to participate in their plans for discharge, as well as in the transition from acute care to an outpatient setting (or home).

Collaboration with facilities

To assist in achieving positive substance abuse treatment outcomes, facilities can promote Cigna's efforts to obtain Releases of Information (ROIs) for individuals included in the customer’s support system. By documenting ROIs, there is the likelihood for immediate support of the individual’s treatment plan and success.

Since this population can be difficult to engage, efforts to establish a connection with a Cigna case manager prior to discharge are essential. Once contact is made, the case manager will discuss available resources and encourage involvement in the specialty program. This point of contact enhances a customer’s care plan and fosters their ability to make sound behavioral decisions.

Collaboration with outpatient HCPs

Upon discharge from a facility, a customer’s case manager will perform a follow-up to inform the outpatient HCP of their patient’s participation in the specialty program. At this time, goals will also be established between the customer and the Cigna case manager to provide further support of the outpatient HCP’s treatment plan. This collaborative model allows the case manager and the treating HCP to share information and resources, and ultimately helps individuals to improve their health and well-being.


If you have questions or would like more information about Cigna's Specialty Care Management/Coaching Programs, please call 800.882.4462.

* Cigna Behavioral Health offers programs in Substance Abuse Specialty Care Management, Autism Specialty Care Management, Coaching and Support for Children and Families, Eating Disorder Condition Specific/ Specialty Care Management, Intensive Care Management, Coaching and Support for Young Adults, Bipolar Coaching Program and Medical Integration.

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