Cigna for HCP Website Benefits

The secure Cigna for Health Care Professionals website offers free, convenient, time-saving tools, including tools for eligibility and benefit inquires, patient liability estimates, precertification, claim status and claim payment and explanation.

Top Reasons to Register for the CHP Website

  • Check claim status
  • Find helpful guidelines and administrative information more quickly and easily
  • Enroll in electronic funds transfer (EFT) and receive your payments faster
  • Learn what's going on in Cigna's Behavioral Health organization

What You'll Find

  • Enhanced online services let you check patient eligibility, benefit levels and claim status.
  • Cigna's Medical Necessity Criteria - Objective criteria for medical necessity decisions.
  • Clinical Support Tools - Practice guidelines, treatment support tools, and educational materials.
  • The Medical Management Program Guide for behavioral health is available for review and download; includes:
    • Clinical Practice Guidelines
      • summaries and tools to meet the complex health needs of Cigna customers.
      • Treatment recordkeeping standards, audit tools, new technologies, and information on the importance of continuity and coordination of care.
      • Toll-free numbers for accessing our staff regarding the Utilization Management process.
      • An overview of the Utilization Management process and your right to discuss Utilization Management decisions with a peer reviewer.
        • Statement regarding Utilization Management, incentives and compensation, and Customer Rights and Responsibilities.
      • Cigna's information validation and your rights to review your credentialing file and update your information.
      • Your right to inquire about the status of your recredentialing application.
      • State-specific policies and standards.
    • Transformations newsletter. features updates on topics such as:
      • Quality Program description and results for Cigna Behavioral Health.
      • Results related to network access and availability
      • Our policies on the collection, use and disclosure of customer protected health information.
      • Information about preventive health, online self-management tools, behavioral screening programs and coaching and case management services available to your Cigna customers.
      • Patient safety information and how Cigna monitors safety, including care transitions, and telephone responsiveness, including language translation and assistance to the hearing and speech impaired.
  • Network Rewards Program - Take advantage of automatic and free membership for in-network professionals to get lower costs on key products and services such as continuing education.

For an overview and benefits of, watch our 3-minute site tour video.