Frequently Asked Questions

Cigna Behavioral Health offers an improved online application process for behavioral providers interested in joining the network. Prospective providers can complete the application directly online. This process is another way we are working to create a more efficient initial onboarding experience while easing the administrative burden for providers, clinics and facilities.

  1. What are the credentialing requirements?

    In order to participate, all providers must meet the following minimum credentialing requirements:

    1. A license to practice independently (without supervision) in the state in which you are providing services;
    2. Professional liability insurance with minimum limits of:
      • $1 million/$3 million for Physicians and Psychiatric Nurses with prescriptive authority, or
      • $1 million/$1 million for all other providers; exceptions include:
        • Texas: the minimum recommended amount of professional liability coverage for providers is $200,000 per occurrence and $500,000 aggregate;
        • Florida: the minimum recommended amount of professional liability coverage for providers is $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 aggregate;
        • Providers in states which regulate a patient compensation fund for insurance coverage, or which regulate the amount of insurance a provider must carry, should meet at least the state’s requirement if they do not meet Cigna Behavioral Health’s minimum requirements.

    Note: providers with federal tort coverage (Federal Tort Coverage Act) do not have to meet the Cigna Behavioral Health’s minimum insurance requirements. For those providers, a copy of the federal tort letter or an attestation from the provider stating that he or she has federal tort coverage must be included in credentialing file.

  2. What web browsers are compatible to access the online application?

    The following browsers can be used for completing the online form: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9, 10, and 11, Apple® Safari® version 8.x on Mac OS X, and Microsoft® Edge for Windows® 10. The most recent stable versions of Mozilla® Firefox® and Google Chrome™ are also supported. There are some limitations.

  3. Is the online application secure?

    The online application is accessed on a secure web browser. Cigna follows HIPAA guidelines when processing the information listed on the screening form. Cigna also has its own privacy notices that may apply to you. To review how we use personal information that can identify you, visit our website at We respect your right to privacy and value the trust you have placed in us. We work hard to protect your information.

  4. What is required in order to complete the Cigna Behavioral Health provider application?

    All required fields will be indicated by a red vertical bar next to the field on the application. If a provider is given a specific recruitment code, then the recruitment code must be entered on the application. You will need to have the following information on hand when completing the application:

    • Primary degree type
    • Mailing address
    • Professional license or certification
    • Service location address
    • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
    • Billing phone number
    • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
    • Pay to billing phone number
    • Contracting/credentialing email
    • Service location appointment intake phone number

  5. How will I know my application was submitted?

    On completion of the application, you will receive a CBP ID – this is your Cigna Behavioral Provider confirmation number. Please use this CBP ID with any inquiries while your application is being processed.

  6. Can I edit my application once it is submitted?

    The application cannot be edited once it has been submitted. If errors are found on the form after the form has been submitted and approved, a Cigna Behavioral Health recruiter will send an email to the contracting/credentialing email listed on the screening form for information pertaining to the error.

  7. When will I know my application has been processed?

    Once a Cigna Behavioral Health recruiter has processed the application, an email will be sent to the contracting/credentialing/ email address stating approval or denial. A recruiter will verify data on a provider’s CAQH application / provider report. In order to be eligible for credentialing, all CAQH application data must be valid and complete. Specific areas to confirm include:

    Work History: Full five years of work history with no gaps of over three months. Education can substitute for work history, if appropriate. Any work history gaps of over three months must be described in the appropriate “Work Gap Explanation” field

    Professional Liability Insurance: Expiration date must be at least 60 days in the future.

    Professional License: Expiration date must be at least 60 days in the future.

    **Please note: CAQH does not notify Cigna when changes or updates are made to provider applications**

    Please be sure the application or state release is submitted (this document varies from state to state and is available on the website), and attest to any changes or updates that are made. If you have questions regarding CAQH, please contact them directly at 888.600.9802.

  8. What can I expect for a processing timeline?

    A Cigna Behavioral Health recruiter will process the application within 20 business days of being submitted. Once the application is accepted and all necessary information has been received and completed (including a signed onboarding packet), your information will be sent through credentialing. The credentialing process can take up to 90 days. You can check your application status form using the CBP ID (Cigna Behavioral Provider) and calling our Provider Service Center at 1.800.926.2273.

  9. What if I still have questions about the Cigna Behavioral Health online application for new providers?

    Please call our Provider Service Center at 1.800.926.2273.