Welcome to Cigna Behavioral Health

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We are pleased to include you in the Cigna Behavioral Health. Inc. ("Cigna Behavioral Health") network, where quality care is our highest priority. Because we understand the success of a behavioral health care program depends on the caliber and integrity of its providers, we are highly selective and conscious of quality as we develop our network.

We also understand that a stable provider panel facilitates our goal of consistent and superior customer service. For that reason, we seek to build strong, long-standing relationships with our providers. Our policies and protocols have been developed to minimize time-consuming administrative activities, so you can spend more time providing superb service.

The Cigna Behavioral Health Provider Guide (also known as the Cigna Behavioral Health Medical Management Program in your Agreement) provides the information necessary to fulfill your contractual obligations, including the referral process, care management services, and claims information.

About Cigna Behavioral Health

We provide behavioral care benefit management, employee assistance and work/life programs to consumers through health plans offered by United States employers of all sizes, national and regional HMOs, Taft-Hartley trusts and disability insurers. With headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN, we operate four care management centers around the United States in support of a national network of more than 80,000 independent psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers and more than 10,000 facilities and clinics.

Our core values have remained the same since our founding in 1974:

Compassion: We create a caring environment in which our employees feel good about working here. This translates into a compassionate voice on the phone when participants and providers call us for help. It is also a key reason why you'll find our turnover is much lower than that of our competitors.

Expertise: We use Six Sigma methodologies to make technical improvements, and promote the ongoing education of our employees with tuition reimbursement, seminars, and other activities that help us stay on the leading edge of behavioral care.

Service: We treat service performance as a clinical issue, not just as a numbers game. Answering a phone call on the first ring with a compassionate, caring voice, and making sure that the caller gets the necessary help the first time is one of our strengths.

Integration: We are not only open to working with others in providing top-level behavioral health programs; we collaborate with a range of other organizations in order to get the best results for a range of customer needs. Having the ability to integrate our programs and services effectively and efficiently with others has not only led to our organization being among the fastest growing in the industry, it has been key in the development and understanding of holistic care and the benefits of 'treating the whole person,' mentally as well as physically.