When applying for participation in the network, North Carolina professionals will be sent the North Carolina Uniform Credentialing Form.

Within 60 days of receipt of a completed application and all necessary supporting documents, Cigna Behavioral Health shall assess and verify the applicant’s qualifications and notify the applicant of its decision. In the event that the application is not complete, needed documents are missing, or verification information is unavailable, the applicant will be informed in writing of the delay, the reason for the delay, and the name and phone number of a staff participant to contact if the applicant has questions.

In the event that missing information or documents have not been received within 60 days of initial receipt of the application, the applicant’s file will be closed or pended, and the applicant informed of this fact in writing. Included in this correspondence will be the length of time the application will be pended, if applicable, and the name and phone number of a staff person to contact with questions.