Confidentiality Protocols

Confidentiality protocols to redirect protected health information for customers residing in Oregon

Chapter 470, Oregon laws 2015 addresses a customer’s right to have protected health information (PHI) redirected to an alternate location. It requires health insurance companies to implement protocols to accommodate a customer's request to have protected health information sent directly to the person(s) whom the customer has identified as authorized recipients via their express consent, as permitted by law. This restriction prohibits disclosure of PHI to any other person insured under the same policy, including the person who pays for the health insurance plan (the primary account holder), unless the customer expressly consents to disclosure of the PHI.

Request to have PHI redirected to an alternative person and location

The Oregon Request for Confidential Communication form is available on the Oregon Insurance Division website at To make this request, the customer must complete, sign, and fax or email the form to Cigna's Central Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Unit:

     Fax: 1.877.815.4827, or 1.859.410.2419

To assist your patients with these requests, please refer them to the Oregon Insurance Division > Get help > Health > Patient right to privacy > Oregon Request for Confidential Communication.