Cigna Health Advisor

We recognize that it is important for people to have the information and services to make the right choices about their health. As a health care professional, you can help influence your patients' health outcomes and encourage them to improve their health. Cigna Health Advisor can assist you and your patients by providing tools to engage them to take an active role in their health care, as well as promote adherence to your treatment plans. Encourage your patients to learn about the Cigna Health Advisor program that may be available to them through their Cigna medical plan.

How Cigna Health Advisor works

The Cigna Health Advisor team members are nurses, behavioral clinicians, health educators, and nutritionists. They proactively identify and reach out to customers who are at risk for significant health issues related to prediabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, or want to focus on improving healthy eating and exercise, but are not appropriate candidates for chronic or acute disease, or case management programs. The Cigna Health Advisor program increases early identification and proactive engagement of the at-risk population through the completion of the health assessment, predictive modeling, customer services identification, and direct-to-individual communication that heightens awareness of the program and promotes self-identification. Once contacted, Health Advisors assess each individual's overall health status, health attitudes and behavior, and readiness to change.

How Cigna Health Advisor engages your patients

The program incorporates the total health support needs that have been identified and uses coaches to create one-on-one relationships.

  • Health Advocates work directly with your patients to build trustworthy, genuine relationships. Each Health Advocate is part of a team of multidisciplinary experts, and is paired with a customer who can benefit from his or her area of specialized knowledge.
  • Multi-session coaching allows customers to work individually with their Health Advocate to set and achieve health related goals.
  • Education and referral to health management programs includes disease management, lifestyle management, pharmacy, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and more.

How Cigna Health Advisor encourages healthy behavior

The Cigna Health Advisor program coordinates interventions to help change patient behaviors based on identified needs, with the goal of shifting people from at-risk or "seemingly" healthy, to healthy. Here are some of the programs and resources we provide to encourage change:

  • Cigna CARE Coaching® empowers individuals through holistic coaching
  • HealthEview, our leading clinical technology platform, synthesizes health information to create customized health advocacy plans
  • Personalized Action Plan identifies health-related goals, and charts a path to achieve these goals

How your patients can enroll

Your patients covered under Cigna administered plans who are eligible for this program benefit may self-enroll by calling the toll-free number on the back of their Cigna ID card.
By working together, we can help promote behavior changes that will attain better outcomes for your patients with Cigna coverage.

Additional information

To learn more about the Cigna Health Advisor program, please call Cigna Customer Service at 800.88Cigna (882.4462)