Cigna Maternity: Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies

Cigna Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies® is a comprehensive maternity condition management program for eligible Cigna members. This program aims to educate and support your Cigna patients at the very start of their pregnancies to ensure healthy pregnancies and babies by:

  • Supplementing and enhancing the doctor-patient relationship
  • Helping your patients better understand all aspects of their pregnancies so they can ask better questions and become better prepared to make decisions around testing, treatments for medical conditions and delivery
  • Encouraging sensible prenatal behaviors, like quitting smoking, eating the right food and seeing a doctor regularly

How The Program Works

  • Once pregnancy is confirmed, your patient should enroll in the program by calling the number on the back of their member ID card and following the prompts to "Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies."
  • Your patient will speak with a maternity specialist, who will take her through an initial risk assessment. Based on the results of this assessment, your patient will receive appropriate prenatal education, care management support and routine follow-up assessments throughout her pregnancy.

Program Benefits

  • Your patients will receive the direct phone number of a nurse to call with any pregnancy related questions.
  • Patients who are assessed as high risk will be assigned to a Specialty Case Management Nurse.
  • Clinical assessments, risk stratification and patient history are managed through a single tool so any member of the care management team can speak knowledgeably to your patient about her condition.
  • Free educational materials produced by the March of Dimes are mailed to all enrolled patients and include information about prenatal care, reducing risk factors, baby development, nutrition and smoking cessation.
  • After delivery, patients are contacted for a post-partum depression screening.

Incentive Payments

Because early intervention can help prevent prematurity and other poor pregnancy outcomes, the program offers a monetary incentive for women who enroll early in their pregnancies. The incentive is contingent on employer offering, and the mom completing the program to encourage active participation.