Electronic Claims Submission

Reduce Paperwork and Eliminate Printing and Mailing Expenses

Submitting medical, dental, and behavioral claims electronically can help you save time, money, and improve claim processing accuracy. Using one of Cigna's electronic data interchange (EDI) options allows you to send, view, and track claims – no faxing, printing, or mailing. Everything is right on your desktop.

Benefits of Submitting Claims to Cigna Electronically

  • Send primary and secondary (COB) claims quickly, reduce paperwork, and eliminate printing and mailing expenses.
  • Decrease the chance of transcription errors or missing data.
  • Track claims received electronically, which are automatically archived before processing.
  • Eliminate the need to submit claims to multiple locations.
  • Save time on resubmissions – incomplete or invalid claims can be reviewed and corrected online.
  • View, track, and monitor claim status reports.

How to Submit Claims Electronically

EDI vendor electronic claim submission information is available on Cigna.com: How to Submit Claims to Cigna.

Both primary and secondary (COB) claims can be submitted to Cigna electronically.
You don't have to submit Medicare Part A and B coordination of benefits agreement (COBA) claims to Cigna. The Medicare explanation of benefit (EOB) or electronic remittance advice (ERA) will show that those claims are forwarded to Cigna as the secondary payer.

Guidelines for Submitting Attachments, and Corrected and Secondary claims

Electronic claims with attachments

To submit electronic claims with attachments, including high–dollar itemized claims:

  • In the 837: Loop 2300 PWK (paperwork) segment of the claim, and indicate that notes will be faxed or mailed. (Do not put the actual notes in the segment.)
  • Include in the notes:
    • – Patient name
    • – Patient Cigna ID
    • – Date of birth
    • – Date of service
    • – Total amount billed
    • – Health care professional Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • Fax attachments to:
  • Cigna high–dollar claims 1.859.410.2421
    Cigna general claims (non–high dollar claims) 1.859.410.2422
    GWH-Cigna or 'G' ID card claims (all) 1.877.804.1443

Corrected claims submission

  • In the Claim Frequency Type Code in Loop 2300, Segment CLM05, specify the frequency of the claim. (On the UB04, this is the third position in the Type of Bill Box or on the CMS 1500, it is Box 22 - Resubmission Code)
    • Use one of these codes:

    • 1 – Original (admit through discharge claim)
      7 – Replacement (replacement of prior claim)
      8 – Void (void or cancel of prior claim)

Secondary claims submission

Secondary claims may be submitted to Cigna electronically. Coordination of benefits information is billed in Loops 2320 and 2330 on the electronic claim form. For further information, check with your clearinghouse or vendor.

Save Time – Submit Your Claims Electronically

Learn more about electronic claims submission EDI Electronic Claim Submission or call 1.800.88Cigna (882.4462).

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