Electronic Prescribing (ePrescribing)

ePrescribing enhances patient safety and reduces administrative complexities for health care professionals. With the ePrescribing capability, you have access to prescription eligibility, the prescription drug list and medication history for your Cigna Pharmacy Management patients and the ability to electronically send prescriptions to your patients’ choice of pharmacy.
You can use this decision support information during point of care and send prescriptions before your patient leaves the office.

Benefits of ePrescribing

  • Real-time access to patients medication history, indicating possible adverse drug interactions and/or adherence issues
  • Electronic transfer eliminates the need to explain handwritten prescriptions
  • Access to the prescription drug list allows for most cost effective, clinically appropriate prescribing decisions
  • Administrative efficiencies for physician offices

To use the capability, you must have ePrescribing software. A physician currently using the capability with another payer may use the same software and hardware for their patients covered by Cigna Pharmacy Management.

Surescripts offers resources and information on their site: http://www.surescripts.com.

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