Cigna Cost of Care Estimator®

Estimate Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs

Eliminate financial surprises by accurately estimating the cost of medical or behavioral services using the Cigna Cost of Care Estimator®*. The Estimator highlights your patient's anticipated payment and provides an itemized, printable Explanation of Estimate that you can share with the patient. It's fast to use, easy for your patients to understand, and can be used any time during your patient's visit – prior to care, at check-in, or at checkout.

How the Cigna Cost of Care Estimator Helps You and Your Patients

  • Provides a highly accurate estimate for the specific services your patients may receive.
  • Shows patients their out-of-pocket expenses based on their Cigna-administered plan (assuming they are eligible for coverage at the time they receive the service).
  • Explains the sources of payment based on the patient's specific Cigna-administered plan and fund accounts.*
  • Helps facilitate financial discussions between you and your patients with Cigna-administered plans, so payment arrangements can be made before treatment.

Explanation of Estimate

The Explanation of Estimate clearly illustrates the math and helps educate your patients about how their Cigna-administered benefits influence what they can expect to owe. You can print these estimates and provide them to your patients.

Use the Cigna Cost of Care Estimator Today

Run and estimate quickly and easily by logging in to the Cigna for Health Care Professionals website. Search Patients > Select a Patient > Estimate Costs.

Learn more about the Cigna Cost of Care Estimator

  • Log in to the Cigna for Health Care Professionals website ( > Resources > eCourses for step-by-step directions on how to use the Estimator.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Call 1.800.88Cigna (882.4462) if you have additional questions

When used together, the Cigna Cost of Care Estimator and electronic eligibility and benefits can help streamline patient visits by improving your organization's ability to verify patient eligibility and benefits, as well as help inform them about out of pocket responsibility.

*The Estimator is available for health care professionals directly contracted with Cigna. Estimates are based on the patient's specific plan benefits at the time an estimate is provided, include the patient's real-time anticipated health account payment (HSA, HRA, FSA) when automatic claim forwarding is turned on, and are specific to the health care professional requesting the estimate. The Estimator can be used for patients covered by Cigna and Cigna Select medical plans (PPO, EPO, Open Access Plus, Open Access Plus In-Network), managed care plans (HMO, network-EPP, HMO Open Access, Network Open Access, HMO POS-Flex, Network POS-DPP, HMO POS Open Access, Network POS Open Access, Choice Fund plans), and behavioral health plans.