Active Accounts

Updated June 2024

TPA or Insurer Name TPA Customer Service Phone Number for Eligibility, Benefits, Claims Link to provider portal
90DB Allied National, Inc. 1.800.825.7531 HCP Login
90DB Corporate Benefits Services, Inc. 1.800.277.9476 HCP Login
90DB Covenant Administrators, LLC 1.800.680.8728 HCP Login
90DB EBSO 1.866.296.4002 HCP Login
90DB Houston 1.844.632.7878 HCP Login
90DB HealthCare Solutions Group, Inc. 1.866.860.4970 HCP Login
90DB HPHG, LLC DBA Caprock HealthPlans 1.800.747.9446 HCP Login
90DB IMA, Inc. 1.800.742.9944 HCP Login
90DB Stirling Benefits, Inc. 1.800.447.6689 HCP Login
ACS Benefit Services, Inc. 1.855.249.9574 HCP Login
Affordable Benefit Administrators 1.800.350.0148 HCP Login
Allegeant/LBA Healthplans, Inc. 1.800.815.8240 HCP Login
Allegiance Benefit Plan Management Inc. (1) Please refer to ID Card HCP Login
Allied Benefit Systems, LLC 1.800.288.2078 HCP Login
Allstate Benefits 1.888.292.0272 HCP Login
Allied / IHC 1.888.499.3501 HCP Login
Ameriben / IEC Group, Inc. 1.800.786.7930 HCP Login
America's Choice Health Plans 1.800.824.3882 HCP Login
American Republic Insurance Company 1.800.247.2190 HCP Login
Amwins Connect Administrators 1.800.337.4973 HCP Login
Angle Health 1.855.937.1811 HCP Login
Assured Benefits Administrators 1.800.247.7114 HCP Login
Aultcare Corporation 1.800.344.8858 HCP Login
Automated Benefit Services (USHL) 1.844.284.6750 HCP Login
Baylor Scott & White Health Plan 1.800.655.7947 HCP Login
Benefit Administrative Systems 1.800.523.0582 HCP Login
Benefit and Risk Management Services 1.866.730.7898 HCP Login
Benefit Assistance Company, LLC 1.800.982.7838
Benefit Plan Administrators of Eau Claire, LLC 1.800.277.8973 HCP Login
Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. 1.800.277.8973 HCP Login
Boon Chapman 1.800.252.9653 HCP Login
Brighton Health Plan Solutions, LLC 1.844.759.2477 HCP Login
Business Administrators & Consultants, Inc. 1.800.521.2654 HCP Login
Bywater, LTD 1.800.337.0792 HCP Login
CDS of Nevada, Inc. dba Prominence Administrative Services 1.775.770.9311 HCP Login
Centivo Refer to ID Card HCP Login
Christian Brothers Services, Inc. 1.800.807.0400 HCP Login
Collective Health, Inc. 1.877.411.7271
Daniel H Cook Associates (Cook Associates) 1.212.505.5050 HCP Login
Delta Health Systems (DHS) 1.800.422.6099 HCP Login
EBA&M (Employee Benefits Administration and Management) 1.800.249.8440 HCP Login
EBIX Health Administrators 1.888.794.8976
Edison Health, LLC 1.800.967.2077 HCP Login
Eliance Administrators 1.844.203.8138
EMI Health 1.800.662.5851 HCP Login
Employee Benefit Management Services, LLC 1.866.326.7345 HCP Login
Employer Driven Insurance Services (EDIS) 1.888.886.7973 HCP Login
Everence Insurance Company 1.800.348.7468 HCP Login
EVHC (a division of Trustmark Health Benefits) 1.800.311.3842 HCP Login
FCE Benefit Administrators 1.800.298.7269 HCP Login
First Choice Health 1.800.467.5281 HCP Login
Fringe Benefit Coordinators @ BeneBay Healthplans 1.833.236.3229 HCP Login
Fringe Benefit Group 1.855.495.1190 HCP Login
Gilsbar 1.888.206.1019 HCP Login
Group Administrators, Ltd. 1.800.323.1683 HCP Login
Group Management Services  1.844.202.8059 HCP Login
Group Resources, Inc. 1.888.620.1297 HCP Login
Hawaii Western Management Group 1.888.941.4622 HCP Login
Healthcomp 1.800.442.7247 HCP Login
Healthcare Highways, Inc. 1.844.869.5640 HCP Login
Health Cost Solutions Inc. 1.800.526.3919 HCP Login
Healthez 1.844.449.5553 HCP Login
HealthFirst TPA, Inc. 1.800.477.2287 HCP Login
Healthgram 1.800.446.5439 HCP Login
Health Net of CA 1.800.676.6976
Health Plans, Inc. (HPI) 1.800.532.7575 HCP Login
HealthSCOPE Benefits 1.800.821.9399 HCP Login
HealthSmart Benefit Solutions 1.800.444.3995 HCP Login
Humana Health Plan, Inc./Health Value Management, Inc. 1.866.427.7478
Imagine360 Administrators, LLC 1.800.827.7223 HCP Login
Insurance Benefit Administrators 1.844.630.7500 HCP Login
Insurance Management Services 1.800.687.5944 HCP Login
Johns Hopkins Healthcare, LLC 1.800.261.2393 HCP Login
J.P. Farley Corporation 1.800.634.0173 HCP Login
Kaiser Permanente (3) 1.888.831.0761 HCP Login
Key Benefit Administrators 1.800.331.4757 HCP Login
Lucent Health California 1.800.331.5301 HCP Login
Lucent Health Nashville 1.800.411.3650 HCP Login
Lucent Health Wisconsin 1.855.556.0285 HCP Login
Luminare Health Benefits 1.800.223.3943 HCP Login
Maestro Health 1.800.228.1803 HCP Login
Marpai Health, Inc. (²) 1.855.389.7330 HCP Login
Medical Mutual of Ohio 1.800.382.5729 HCP Login
Meritain Health 1.800.925.2272 HCP Login
Metlife / Trustmark Health Benefits 1.866.217.5631 HCP Login
MotivHealth 1.844.234.4472 HCP Login
OrchestrateHR 1.800.550.8009
Paragon Benefits Inc. 1.800.277.9218 HCP Login
Pinnacle Benefit Administrators 1.800.649.9121 HCP Login
Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc. 1.800.435.5694 HCP Login
Providence Health Plan 1.800.878.4445 HCP Login
Prudential / WebTPA 1.800.981.7405 HCP Login
Quartz Health Solutions 1.800.362.3310 HCP Login
Shasta Administrative Services 1.800.524.7060 HCP Login
Significa Benefits Services LLC 1.800.433.3746 HCP Login
SISCO 1-800-457-4726 HCP Login
S&S - Alternative Benefit Plans, Inc. 1.800.241.7319 HCP Login
S&S - Alternative Risk Management 1.800.392.1770 HCP Login
S&S - American National Insurance Company 1.800.899.6803 HCP Login
S&S - American Plan Administrators 1.888.624.6300 HCP Login
S&S - American Trust Administrators 1.800.843.4121 HCP Login
S&S - Anchor Benefit Consulting 1.800.845.7629 HCP Login
S&S – Auxian 1.800.475.2232 HCP Login
S&S - Benefit Administration Services, Ltd. 1.800.748.8696 HCP Login
S&S - Benefit Plan Administrators of Eau Claire, Inc. 1.800.236.7789 HCP Login
S&S - BSI Companies 1.888.298.6828 HCP Login
S&S – Coastal Administrative Services 1.800.870.1831 HCP Login
S&S - Consociate - Benefit Administration 1.800.798.2422 HCP Login
S&S - Custom Design Benefits 1.800.598.2929 HCP Login
S&S - Diversified Benefit Administrators 1.844.200.7422 HCP Login
S&S - Dunn & Associates Benefit Administrators, Inc. 1.800.880.9960 HCP Login
S&S - Employee Benefit Service Center, The 1.800.310.6645 HCP Login
S&S – Employee Benefit Services, Inc. 1.877.335.0002 HCP Login
S&S - Enterprise Group Planning Inc. (EGP) 1.800.229.2210 HCP Login
S&S - Fox Everett, a division of HUB International Healthcare Solutions, LLC 1.877.476.6327 HCP Login
S&S - GMR Healthcare 1.888.808.1656 HCP Login
S&S - Gravie Administrative Services, LLC 1.800.201.2920 HCP Login
S&S - Group Benefit Services, Inc. 1.800.995.3569 HCP Login
S&S - Health Plans, Inc. 1.800.343.7674 HCP Login
S&S - Healthnow Administrative Services 1.800.847.7718 HCP Login
S&S - Insurance Design Administration 1.855.606.9294 HCP Login
S&S - Insurance Program Managers Group 1.800.423.1841 HCP Login
S&S - Integra Administrative Group, Inc. 1.800.959.3518 HCP Login
S&S - Interactive Medical Services 1.800.426.8739 HCP Login
S&S - International Benefit Administrators 1.800.422.7617 HCP Login
S&S - Leading Edge Administrators 1.888.721.2128 HCP Login
S&S - Managed Care of America, Inc. 1.800.922.4966 HCP Login
S&S - Nova Healthcare Administrators 1.855.206.1040 HCP Login
S&S - People's 1st Health Strategies 1.866.881.0676 HCP Login
S&S - Performance Health 1.877.585.8480 HCP Login
S&S - Professional Claims Management 1.800.590.6500 HCP Login
S&S - Providence Administrative Services 1.800.495.5950 HCP Login
S&S - Q3 Business Technology Corporation 1.877.251.8324 HCP Login
S&S - Regional Care, Inc. 1.800.795.7772 HCP Login
S&S - S&S Healthcare 1.513.772.8866 HCP Login
S&S - Self Funded Plans, Inc. 1.800.722.7374 HCP Login
S&S – SIHO Southeastern Indiana Health 1.800.443.2980 HCP Login
S&S - Simplan, The  1.806.794.6454 HCP Login
S&S - SuperiorTPA 1.800.223.4590 HCP Login
S&S - Taylor Benefit Resource 1.888.352.5246 HCP Login
S&S - The Benefit Group, Inc. 1.800.333.8602 HCP Login
S&S - Total Plan Concepts 1.877.435.2063 HCP Login
S&S - Total Plan Services, Inc. 1.800.969.5238 HCP Login
S&S - Tristar Benefit Administrators 1.800.456.4584 HCP Login
S&S - Underwriters Services Corporation 1.800.678.1536 HCP Login
S&S - United Group Programs, Inc. (OptiMed Health Plans) 1.800.482.8770 HCP Login
S&S - WellNet HealthCare Administrators, Inc. 1.833.507.7060 HCP Login
S&S - WJL Administrative Services, LLC 1.877.213.8340 HCP Login
Tall Tree Administrators 1.877.453.4201 HCP Login
The Health Plan 1.800.624.6961 HCP Login
The Loomis Company 1.610.374.4040 HCP Login
TriZetto - ARCORP, LLC
TriZetto - Creative Plan Administrators, LLC (CPA) 1.860.656.7956 HCP Login
TriZetto - Diversified Administration Corp. 1.860.295.0238 HCP Login
TriZetto - Florida Health Administrators, Inc 1.877.391.0916 HCP Login
TriZetto - Heritage Consultants, Inc. 1.800.282.2460 HCP Login
TriZetto - Insurance Administrators of America 1.800.283.2524 HCP Login
TriZetto - MidAmerica Associates 1.800.482.0945 HCP Login
TriZetto - Pequot Pharmaceutical Network 1.877.883.5980 HCP Login
TriZetto – Preferred Benefit Administrators 1.888.524.2777 HCP Login
TriZetto - Self Insured Plans, LLC 1.866.960.5066
Trustmark Small Business Benefits 1.800.522.1246 HCP Login
Tufts Associated Health Plans, Inc. 1.888.884.2404 HCP Login
UltraBenefits, Inc. 1.866.858.7223 HCP Login
UPMC Health Plan 1.866.918.1595 HCP Login
US Health Group - (Freedom Life Insurance Company & National Foundation Life Insurance) 1.800.387.9027 HCP Login
Web TPA, LLC Please refer to ID card HCP Login
Wellfleet 1.877.657.5030 HCP Login
Wellnet 1.800.727.1733 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Advisory Health Administrators 1.833.200.3095 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Aither Health 1.833.298.2401 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc. 1.800.451.4318 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - ArcBest Corporation (Choice Benefits) 1.800.451.6907 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Automated Group Administration 1.800.888.6472 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Benefit Management Administrators 1.833.354.1694 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Benefit Management, LLC. 1.800.290.1368 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Boulder Administration Services 1.877.406.3699 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Britton Benefit Services, LLC. 1.800.676.1182 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Edison Health Solutions, LLC. 1.800.967.2077 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Employee Plans, LLC. 1.800.964.7444 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Exemplar Health Benefits 1.855.826.3422 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Flume Inc. 1.844.693.5863 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Hawaii Mainland Administrators, LLC. 1.888.811.8944 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Insight Benefit Administrators 1.877.827.1414 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Kentucky Health Administrators 1.866.664.3261 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Medical Benefits Administrators 1.800.423.3151 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - MotivHealth 1.844.234.4472 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Northern Illinois Health Plan 1.800.723.0202 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Pro-Claim Plus, Inc. 1.800.551.7334 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Regency Employee Benefits 1.810.987.7711 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - San Diego County & Imperal County Schools Fringe Benefits Consortium Insurance Services, LLC. 1.888.233.7915
Zelis Healthcare - TPA Exchange, Inc. 1.800.426.9786 HCP Login
Zelis Healthcare - Trusteed Plans Service Corporation 1.800.426.9786 HCP Login

(1) Allegiance Benefit Plan Management is responsible for administering various aspects of this patient's plan, which may include claim processing, utilization management or eligibility verification. As may vary by group, please call the phone number listed on the member ID card.

(2) When calling Marpai Health, a group specific phone number may be provided.

(3) Kaiser Permanente offers external providers the capability to view claim status using a KPGuest Access portal. With Claims Guest Access, you will be asked to provide key information about the claim. In return, you can view the following claim status information: claim number, current processing status, billed amount, and, if paid, the net payable, check number and check date. To use the Claims Guest Access portal, go to and select the members KP region. On the home page, look for View claim status as a guest user under the Quick Links section. Kaiser Permanente also offers a dedicated phone line for Cigna PPO providers only for preauthorization questions - 888-831-0761. This phone service begins August 1, 2022.