Cigna's Prescription Drug Lists

Cigna Standard Prescription Drug List

Cigna's prescription drug lists offer coverage of a wide-range of brand-name and generic medications. With approximately 67,000 retail pharmacies and Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy in our network, your patients have convenient access to medications – whether they pick them up or have them delivered to their home.

Checking your patient's drug coverage is easy.

  • Sign in to the secure HCP website
  • Then click on the Patient Search tab, and search for your patient by a name, date of birth or ID number combination.
  • Click the patient's ID number in the results box and the benefit details will show. Click on the Drug List link under the "Prescription Coverage" category.

Commercial Prescription Drug Lists

These drug lists are used with employer-sponsored plans, and are commonly known as the Standard, Value, Performance and Advantage Drug Lists. Coverage varies depending on the drug list. For example, the Value and Advantage Drug Lists do not cover medications that have over-the-counter alternatives to treat stomach acid conditions and non-sedating antihistamines to treat allergies.

Use the drug search tool to see a list of all drugs covered on each drug list.

Individual & Family Plan (IFP) Drug Lists

These drug lists are used with plans an individual purchases directly from Cigna. Coverage varies depending on the drug list and the state where the individual resides.

To find out what drugs are covered on your patient's drug list, use the drug search tool and select the state he or she resides in.

Additional Drug List Information

2024 Prescription Drug List Changes starting 1/01/2024

Prescription Drug Lists