Cigna LifeSource Transplant Network

The nation's leading transplant program

The Cigna LifeSOURCE Transplant Network® provides quality transplant care for more than 6,000 people in more than 165 transplant centers, making it one of the nation's leading transplant programs.

A dedicated transplant case manager helps you and your patients make the most of each participant's health care benefits. Our transplant case managers are experienced registered nurses with extensive backgrounds in transplant, critical care and/or community care.

The program helps ease your clinical and administrative workload by integrating case management with behavioral health, pharmacy and disease management. A personal transplant coordinator handles all precertification, continued stay review, discharge planning, education and case management services for our transplant patients.

Each facility in our network is carefully chosen and must continue to meet our stringent quality standards. We assess several factors, including:

  • Patient outcomes;
  • Staff training and experience;
  • Number of transplants performed;
  • Management of waitlist;
  • Availability of housing arrangements and transportation for patients' families;
  • Geographic location and accessibility; and
  • Availability of transplant organs in the geographic area of the facility.

We regularly update our list of network facilities. Please check our website for the most recent list.

To make a referral, call 1.800.668.9682. Contact us for more information about Cigna LifeSOURCE Transplant Network or visit