Precertification can be complicated. Knowing the right place to start can make a big difference.

Below you will find when and where to submit precertification requests to Cigna and Cigna's national ancillary vendors for the following:

  • Medical procedures
  • Medications
  • Behavioral

You'll also find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to precertification.

New process to order home health services for Cigna Commercial customers:

Contact participating home health, durable medical equipment, and home infusion therapy providers directly. CareCentrix no longer manages these services for Cigna. eviCore healthcare now administers these programs; however, approval or contact with eviCore is not needed.

To find a participating home health/DME provider:

  • Go to
  • Click Find a doctor, dentist or facility.
  • Select the coverage option.
  • Enter address, city, or Zip Code
  • Click on ‘Health Facilities’
  • Enter the health care facility name or type (i.e. durable medical equipment or home health) or the provider’s name.

For more information, refer to:

Determine if precertification is required


View the complete list of services that require precertification of coverage:

Or, you can:

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View the authorization and billing resource for requirements.

Please note: Precertification of coverage is not required for emergency services. However, emergency services that result in an inpatient hospital admission must be reported within one business day of the admission unless dictated otherwise by state mandate.

Cigna Medicare Advantage

Please visit to view Cigna Medicare Advantage prior authorization requirements, including requirements for Arizona Medicare providers.

For precertification process and requests (Including Custodial Care):

Intake form

Follow the service specific precertification process

There are three ways to request precertification for medical procedures. Upon submission of a precertification request, please provide all required information. Failure to provide all necessary information required for the review may result in the denial of certification for an admission, procedure or service. To submit additional information to supplement a previously submitted precertification request, please submit via the original form of transmission.

For many services, we manage the precertification process directly.

  • Use your practice management system or vendor: Health Care Request and Response (ANSI 278) - Contact your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Practice Management System vendor.
  • Fax 866-873-8279.
  • Call 1 (800) 88CIGNA (882-4462).

For the following services, we collaborate with Cigna's affiliate, eviCore Health (eviCore), to manage the precertification process and administration of the services.

To request precertification, use the contact information below or visit the website for next steps.

Click the service type for more detailed information about each ancillary program and the services provided.

Musculoskeletal and pain management Radiation therapy Radiology imaging
eviCore healthcare
eviCore healthcare
High- and low- technology and diagnostic cardiac imaging
eviCore healthcare


eviCore healthcare

For the following services, we manage precertification (when required), and collaborate with national ancillary vendors to manage the administration of the services:

Click on the service type for more detailed information about each ancillary program and the services they provide.

When services do require precertification, please work with Cigna to obtain approval and then work directly with the vendor to perform/receive the services.

National facilities that provide in-network services

National ancillary vendors that provide medical equipment





888.LABCORP (888.522.2677)
Quest Diagnostics
866.MyQuest (866.697.8378)

Amplifon Hearing Health Care


**Our network of participating laboratories consists of an extensive choice of regional and national providers of laboratory services, including Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) and Quest Diagnostics, Inc. (Quest). For a complete list of participating laboratories, please visit or

Frequently Asked Questions

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